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My Daydreams

by Darien

When You Are Here

If you stared into my eyes,
you would see these feelings
that leave me wanting you more and more.
I am crippled, I am weak,
you are holding all the keys
that make my life complete.

Please don't leave me in ruins,
for I am just a boy with a silly crush.
Lay beside me with your smile exposed,
your lips are clearly my target
and I am not one to hesitate.

We'll daydream about the same things
and let our imaginations run away together.
Kiss me just once, I wouldn't mind dying in your arms
as long as I leave this place smiling.

Ever since you walked into my life,
my shattered dreams fell into the right places
and made sense again.
If you left me now I would feel so very alone,
but I know I will be fine.
You gave me all my strength back,
enough to make it on my own.
Hold me, love me, inspire me.
Make this life worth living again.

Even if the night came to an end,
we will always have the sunrise.
It will be just another day
but who's counting them anyways?
I'm just happy to be with you,
I'm just happy...