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Reflections Of Love (Collab)

by End Of Eternity

Memories of that night linger in my mind
Remembering feelings of your hands on mine
Trembling, you held me tightly in your arms
Whispering, I'll be yours till the end of time

Stillness of night has never been so melodious
Stars have never been shining so bright before
A touch has never burned the deepest part of me
For all lonely nights, tonight i will find my cure

So scared, yet safe in your warm embrace
Resisted these emotions surging so strong
Giving into the magic of your loving touch
Wanting to give myself to you for so long

Candles will melt from our heat tonight
Taste of your skin will last forever in me
All fantasies will be ruled by our senses
Right from the first kiss, till we fly free

Giving freely of my mind, body, and soul
Opening hidden pleasures deep inside
Ones saved all these years just for you
Guiding me to ecstasy of loves sweet tides

This love is not just meant for one night
Every single touch will promise you eternity
Look at yourself one more time in the mirror
Every inch of your skin will only reflect me

Written By: Cynthia Graver
End Of Eternity
April 17, 2007