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A Million Things

by Karl Wild GG23

As I lay beside your grave,
Thinking of your darling smile,
I fight the sadness to be brave,
courageous, if only for a while.

Tears fall disguised with the rain,
Infiltrating the soil you now call home,
My heart struggles to numb the pain,
Sorrow covers me, like a dome.

While others sleep, safe and warm,
The darkness and I are by your side,
Thunder roars in a furious storm,
As our two hopeless souls collide.

I wish God would grant your return,
so we could share another day,
A million things you've yet to learn,
A million things I need to say.

With open arms you'll be greeted,
An angel even before your death,
Without you I'm lost and depleted,
I'll forever love you, my Mary-Beth.