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Sick of It

by On Cupids Bad Side

I'm sick of thinking every night of you
As I lay in bed.
I'm sick of blaming myself for things
And sick of being mad.

I'm sick of the way you make me feel
Every time you come around.
I'm sick of hoping it is you
Every time I hear a sound.

I'm sick of having to walk away
When I really want to stay.
I'm sick of wanting to talk to you
And when I do, there's nothing to say.

I'm sick of remembering every day
All the times you made me smile.
I'm sick of the lonely feeling I have
When I don't see you for a while.

I'm sick of people telling me
That I am out of line.
I'm sick of crying myself to sleep
And wishing you were mine.

I'm sick of pretending I don't care
When I really, really do.
I'm sick of having to find someone else
When I just want to be with you.