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My Readers Are Misjudging You

by Goran Rahim

My readers are misjudging you.
Without knowing who you are,
They call you crazy,
They call you stupid,
Some call you Selfish.
They call you names.
My readers are misjudging you.

It is my guilt
For putting that kind of image
In their mind.
I didn't know
Everyone will dislike you.

I get messages
"Forget her, she dosn't deserve you"
I get messages
"You deserve the best"
I don't know
What "best" is to them?
I don't know
How can they tell a lover
"Just forget her"?
My readers are misjudging you

I cannot bear it
So from this moment
I will not write another word about you.
My readers are misjudging you
That is why
I will hide the truths in my heart
I will hide them from my pen
I don't hear anything about you.

From now on
I will not use the art of poetry,
I will be an artist
The art of learning
How to leave without you.

* After recent emails from Freshta, Mr. Hope, and Desi
"Do not judge a book by its cover"