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Our Song

by Startle Me

True love, I never did understand
That was until our song was heard
Harmonious it was to critic's ears
Never knew what this being preferred

You are in my heart, it went
My loving one and only heart
A glimpse of your smiling face
I would tear the world apart

You are in my smile, my dear
In my each and every smile
Beguiled I was by your beauty
Your personality and your style

Will you kiss me for tonight?
Just a single kiss on the lips?
You are my sun, I am your moon
Are you ready for an eclipse?

Will you love me until tomorrow?
I hope this night would never end
Just as long as you are by my side
I will let you love me as a friend

This tune it went in my heart
It was melodic, lyrical, so strong
Your heart I will capture, one day
On that day, this will be our song