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A Picture Of Beauty (Collab)

by Bryan

Eyes that shine like stars in the night,
Beauty that glistens bringing the brightest light.
A heart that glows giving me a drop of faith,
A soul that blinds me, as I gaze into her face.

A face so beautiful, sends chills up my spine,
I've seen no other that can be more fine.
Wishing this can last forever, for all eternity,
Dancing together for everyone to see.

The second she's gone I get a hole in my heart,
I just hate and regret every second we are apart.
I can't stop thinking of her beauty and laugh,
Sitting on my bed, gazing at this photograph.

This photograph, full of lost happy memories,
Memories of fun times she spent with me.
Days full of happiness, nights on the phone,
talking to her all day, but now they are gone.

Sunshine to sunset, sunset to night,
Shes in my mind every day and every night.
Such a feeling of happiness such a feeling of love,
A feeling that was sent down from The angels up above.

But the longer I think of her, the harder it is to subdue,
The love I feel for her the pain I have to go through.
As much as I love her, this pain I cannot forget,
So I'll stay here an eternity looking at her portrait.

This is a Collab with The Poetic Child