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Truly Faithful (contest)

by Choose xX Alex Xx Life

The time did come once,
Where i was close to the end,
The final flame on the candle,
Sick of having to pretend.

I fought my way to the top,
So that boys at school would like me,
I did things i shouldn't have,
I lost the respect i had for me.

Being past around you friends,
Like I was some kind of doll,
A Barbie; Perfect figure and hair,
Believing thats all i was good for.

Along came the 'gangster'
Claiming it was me he shall save,
Laughing at your pitiful tries,
Crying inside, 'I know your game'.

One day i let go of myself,
And allowed you to share my life,
You protected me from bad,
Wiping the tears i had cried.

It took a year and a half,
For you to gain my trust,
You waited patiently you knew my past,
You certainly proved your love.

You formed this strong woman,
For that i am forever grateful,
My heart is in your debt,
And to you ill be truly faithful.