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I Promise

by Kevin

When the pain inside you
Seems too much to bear
And all that you wish for
Is someone to care

Just look inside of you
And there you shall see
A promise that is
To you from me

When you have no faith left to share
I give you my soul
And a promise that I
Will always be there
Lifting you up
And pushing you through
This is a promise
That I make to you

Whenever you are lost
Have nowhere to turn
And the fire inside
No longer burns

I give you my heart
And all that I can
In hopes that it'll help to
Ignite it again


You will never quit
And you shall never cry
This is a vow that I make
Until the day that I die


I'll do anything to show you I care
And I promise forever that
I will always be there
Lifting you up
And helping you through
I will always be there for you