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Move On

by Emily Strickland

I Think I'm On The Edge
And I'm Getting Ready To Fall
I Thought We Were Good Together
But Then We Lost It All

Everything You Said To Me
Turned Out To Be A Lie
Now You've Left Me Here
With Nothing To Do But Cry

I'm Wondering How Much Longer
This Pain Is Gunna Last
As Much As Id Like To Try
I Just Cant Put You In The Past

I Cant Believe I Just Let You
Run Away With My Heart
And Now That Its Been Broken
My World Has Fell Apart

Everywhere I Go
I Seem To Be Reminded Of You
We Ended Way To Fast
I Just Don't Know What To Do

I Thought We'd Always Be Together
But I Guess I Was Wrong
And Now That Its Over
I Will Try To Move On

I Guess Now It's Time
To Leave You And The Past Behind
To Look Into The Future
And See What I Might Find

But Never Will I Forget
About The Things We Used To Do
And Always Will I Remember
How Much I Used To Love You