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I Don't Deserve Your Perfect Love

by IdTakeABulletForYou

Empty here, without your eyes
--Broken, and it's no surprise.
You left; I wasn't good enough.
I don't deserve Your Perfect Love.

You are too good for boys like me;
You'll always be a Fantasy.
The ones to See, But never Touch
-- What I Need and Want so Much

You are the One I want to Hold
-- It's no surprise you chose to go.
I know my love shall never meet
The greatness to whom I compete.

There is no more significance
-- Love's based on just appeal...
I know my body won't suffice;
There's not a heart my face could steal.

Here, you lock me --here, I'm bound--
Locked In chains, I Rocket Down
You walked away (I'm in the dark )
And Left me here to Sit and Rot

And everyone's pasts are full of mistakes;
Although mine depicts many more than most make...
I don't really see someone falling for me
So I guess I'll just drown in absurd fantasies...