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The Lord's Creation

by Ryan Thompson

The light rushes through the valley
Captivating the beauty of the earth
And the work done by the Lord

The flowers bloom with magnificence
Giving off radiant colors of beauty
And showing the craftsmanship of the Lord

The birds sing in harmony
With songs that soothe the soul
And giving us a chance to be with the Lord

The river flows with grace
Carving the land of beauty
And in the river is the voice of the Lord

But the beauty of the earth
Does not compare to the beauty of her
The angel from heaven
The love of my life

The Lord's magnificent creations
Are a spec in my eye
But hold true in my heart
As my heart is held by her love

The heaven's opened up
And fell an angel from above
That fell into my heart
And is forever an imprint in my soul

Her amazing, wondrous beauty
Is greater than any in this world
And I am grateful my love and her love
Will forever be
As this angel was made for me by the Lord