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You I will yearn

by Kaila

Unloved I am tonight,
Solo I am tomorrow,
Solitary I'll be forever,
I'm living here in sorrow.

Forlorn without you here,
desolate I crave your presence,
lonely I stand here waiting,
I yearn to smell your fragrance.

Longing for you'r hand,
Lusting for you'r kiss,
Aching from this pain,
and all I want is this.

Needing to hold you tight,
Craving to grasp your back,
Scared it's finally over,
and beauty is what I lack.

Vile images stare back at me,
Horrid pictures in the mirror,
Grotesque is what you see,
My tears are getting clearer.

Awaiting the moments,
Hoping for you to return,
Anticipating the days,
until then, I will yearn.