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by WhYcAnTuLoVeMe

Wow, today's my birthday
And you didn't even call
Sometimes I still wonder
If you ever cared at all

No, wait I'm not wondering anymore
This girl is through
After being hurt so many times
I'm still wondering why I came back to you

But now I'm hurting more
I can't seem to stop thinking
About all the good times
My heart's still contemplating

Everybody tells me I'm so lucky
I was blessed with so many things right
If that is so, and that is true
Why do I still cry everynight

Maybe I should just leave
I don't deserve hurting so much anymore
But we'll see in a few years
Who's knocking on who's door

I don't want to see you hurt
I don't want your heart to break like mine
But I cant' protect you if your not with me
So I hope you can see in time

Well today's still my birthday
And I'm still waiting for your call
You're the only one that matters today
All the others, I don't care at all