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Hide it Conceal it Never Ever Reveal it

by Fsams

I have gifted you my heart
Since I saw you from the very start
Without my own power
You are my hearts opted flower
Shall I tell you?
But please forgive me
I am trying to tell you I love you
Trying to convince I need you
I am always a poor lover of yours
A normal being living a normal life for years
I want to love you longer
I want to make it stronger
No matter how many stones in the sea
You are the one meant for me
I am a hapless being traveling in a desert
Looking for you with a diffident heart
I have heard people saying
I have heard lovers crying
In love there is nothing to fight
In love it is always right
With you I would never be wrong
But with you I would feel so strong
I did hold my feelings with patience
Hoping for a lover to share my emotions
I would be the most fortunate
If you accept this poem with no hate
Without treating this as unnecessary
But making this the foundation of our love
Don't separate me from your world
I need you in my arms, need you to hold
For whom my heart beats is only you
The love in my heart for you is true
I am also a being like you
I too have a heart in my chest
Love is in all veins of my heart
And the love only belongs to you
When you are the cure for the sufferings of my heart
Except you honey, to whom shall I gift my heart?

The world is filled with faces like you
But their faces have dimmed for me
I see nothing more than you these days
In the clip art of my heart is your face
The blood circulation in my nerves has ceased
And the beat of my heart has increased
It is a mystery of the world
Is the picture of this world cheating me?
Or else making me intoxicated?
No, the world is teaching me lessons
Relations between love and life
Showing me the path to life
What ever it would be
You can only help me
Teach me what love what is faith is
Yet the rest of my life is meant for you
You have drowned me deep into the ocean of love
And I have been continuously swimming in this ocean
And still I am a helpless swimmer
Knowing not where to go
Knowing not what to do
Through the giant waves and currents
Through my pains and suffocations
Nothing except you exhale from my mouth
You may laugh but it is the truth
I hallucinate the colossal waves as your visage
Now tell me who can help me to swim ashore
Don't make me drown in this ocean
Lend me a hand of succor
If you leave me alone
Alone in this ocean to drown
I would never have a hope to survive
I would never have a hope to be alive
Don't hesitate and have no fear
When you need me I will be near
I know whats wrong whats right
I will always be frank and straight

When taking initiative is a plain duty of the male
Proposing to you does not mean a sin!
And if so, I have committed the sin
Please accept the love I have for you
Conceal it safely in your heart
Hide it and never reveal it to any one
With sympathy and with a trust
Save it in your heart forever
The aspects of the world is always different
Who implores for your love may be your rival
And who you hate and exclude may need you for survival
The poor too deserves respect
He too deserves what we call love
God is the All-hearer, the All-knower
Who sends us with feelings and desires
The evidence in the love sector is obvious
Like the love in the heart of Faruhaadh for Seereena
Like the love in the heart of Majnoon for Laila
Like the love in the heart of Alifulhu for Dhonhiyala
I too have a true love in my heart for you
From the start of the night
Till the morning light
No matter what I do
All I think about is you
Every appearance of you delights me
Every glance of you brings me a hope
I am merely awaiting here
Till the flame of my hope ablaze
Enlighten me the flame of my hope
And dont exclude me from your love
My death and existence is in your hand
Accord me even a meager place in your heart
Its seldom a lover receives his first love
Because its the law of the world
Its how the world behaves
And its what is ordained to be by fate
Take my heart when you go
For I don't need it any more
Let me rest on your lap and sleep
Let me caress you while you are asleep
Don't make me a permanent implorer
Its an implore of a true adorer
Lend me a hand of sympathy
Understand me through telepathy

Loving and proposing is not a crime
Its the strongest thing which develops in a heart
Love is a powerful fire
Which never burns when put on
And which never abates if ablazed
In a form of a poem in these lines
I'm describing my soul, life and everything
Now I need your sympathetic love and care
Be frank if you have anything to share
I am always a poor lover of yours
Expecting & waiting for your love
Waiting for a desired answer from you
Remembering and loving you too
O honey!
I know you have mates
And you do have intimates
But don't make these lines as entertainment papers
I beg you, conceal it and never reveal it
These lines are from the very deep of my heart
Its only love and sympathy
If you find these lines as dissatisfactions to your heart
Or if you don't accept the love in these lines
Please lend it back to yours helpless lover
And please forgive me
For the time I am taking from you
To read this very long poem
Its an implore of a hapless heart
And please forgive me
If I have written any
Which you don't understand
I drown myself deep into sufferings
Expecting a desired answer from you
But please I beg you again
Don't make this poem as
A thing broad casted on radio
A thing telecasted on television
Hide it, conceal it
Never ever reveal it

Written by Fsams ( This is my masterpiece)