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Needing you close

by Kaila

Show me the light in everything dark,
show me now this romantic spark,
listen clear to my thoughts and dreams,
hold me tight when I want to scream.

Be there for me when I'm feeling alone,
Make sure I'm safe and have a home.
Hold my hand when I want to cry,
Make sure you never ever tell a lie.

Kiss me like it's our last day here,
present me to the crowd with no fear,
Smile bright when you see me arrive,
your heart is all I need to survive.

Breath in my soul and kiss the depths,
deep down inside is where your innocence is kept,
Feel my raging pulse when I kiss you,
tell me again and again we'll never be threw.

The fragrance of misty pine against me,
makes me want to set my soul free,
I'll never stop wishing for you to be here,
I'll just pray to the lord, so he'll keep you near.