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Fairytale love

by Karl Wild GG23

I gave up my entire world for you,
While you promised to do the same,
It was fairytale love, we tried to pursue,
Now your saying someone else's name.

I guess I should have read the signs,
On my way through lonely town,
I should have read between the lines,
For I'd have surely turned around.

You said it would be you and me,
No matter what anyone tried to say,
At least for now, I'll have to disagree,
I'm not fond of these games you play.

If I gave you time to change my mind,
You'd say exactly what I needed to hear,
Find a way just to leave the past behind,
While making the future so perfectly clear.

You talk your way back into my heart,
Expecting acceptance for all your deceit,
I once felt the sorrow when we were apart,
Now being without you makes me complete.