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First Day on a Brand new Planet

by Chelsey

I'm ready to be committed to you
Become your sunshine, become your world
I'm ready to be the the constant thought on your mind
Your mate, your lover, known as your girl

We now take this journey as boyfriend and girlfriend
I don't want any drama to be thrown our way
I want it to feel like I'm on a brand new planet
Starting fresh on a brand new day

When I'm with you, no one else is around
I can't see them or hear them move
In our new world its just you and me
I feel no one else's presence and thats the truth

On our secret planet theres no restaurants or malls
No buildings to block the sun from shining down
There are no towers, no gas stations anywhere
No neighborhoods are to be found

Just a garden filled with different roses
All of which are for you and I
The weather is never snowy or cloudy
The suns rays are constantly hot in the sky

Its just us on a flower bed with no movement
All I can do is breathe nice and slow
Because if I blink or breathe too fast
I might miss a glance of your smile and not even know

The first day on a brand new planet
Is what it feels like whenever you're near
There are no frowns, no cries, or angry faces
Its just smiles and laughs in the atmosphere