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Just One Kiss

by Amy

It all started
with just one innocent kiss
how could we have known
it would have grown into this

Summer nights we spent
in each others arms
making promises of our love
to keep each other safe from harm

And to think it all started
with that one little kiss
when time stood still
consumed by pure bliss

Over time
my feelings for you grew
and deep inside
you loved me too

But all good things
must come to an end
and when it was over
we promised to be friends

But the love that we shared
had been just too strong
we couldn't go back
maybe that kiss had been wrong

Its weird to think
about what one kiss can do
change your life
and everyone else's too

Just one kiss
is all it takes
it can be amazing
or it might be a mistake

But without that one
very small kiss
a part of your life
you would greatly miss