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Strangest Love

by Goran Rahim

I don't know how to dare myself,
To admit a truth with no path.
I don't know how to admit a love,
That can be end with no start.

How to admit that I am in love,
When it is breaking a perfect home.
I am afraid of the clouds of this love,
As it holds a danger storm.

I asked myself; why you love someone,
Who is beloved and living a perfect life,
Why do you love a married woman?
Why do you love someone's wife?

I answered myself; what can I do,
This is the strangest reality.
Now I know how danger is love,
It kills a person without pity.

I asked myself, where this love will take you
You will end up with missed up life.
I answered myself; I cannot live without her,
I would rather be killed by destiny's knife.

These thoughts are not getting me anywhere,
This love is making me restless.
Is it true that I am falling for her?
This truth is making me nervous.

Friends, give me some advises,
Before this love drown me.
She belong to someone else,
Why my eyes cannot see.