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My Perfect Dream

by EssenceOfLace

Drink Away The Pain,
Cut Away The Sorrow.
Think About The Past,
And The Forecast Of Tomorrow.

He Was Everything To Me,
All I Wanted In Life.
But He Left Me All Alone,
With Nothing But To Cry.

My Tears Are All I Have Now,
And My Mind Of Memories.
My Hopeless Lonesome Self,
At Loss Of A Perfect Dream.

I Keep Thinking It's My Fault,
Maybe I Wasn't Good Enough.
Even Though I Gave Him My All,
He Didn't Want To Be In Love.

I Can Keep Making Up Excuses,
But None Of Them Will Matter.
I Still Lost Him Anyways,
He Is Gone Forever.

Now All There's Left To Do,
Is Sit And Think Of What Could've Been.
Close My Eyes And Fall Asleep,
And Fall Into My Perfect Dream...