Read Love Poems


by lisa marie

My eyes start to water
But my tears are hidden
No more jokes no more kidding
No more sharing how we feel

Every hour every minute, drifting further a part
Slowly being rejected by my heart
Fading from my life every day
Conversations with no words

Not even caring, no second thoughts
Not even knowing how much you mean
Never knew how you affected my life
Don't even know what kind of friend you are

You are by far the best things thats happened to me
But times running out
Meeting new people
Your falling form my thoughts piece by piece

No more crying hours at a time
No more crying day and night
Now i know how to be happy
Now i know my life is right

Your walking away
Leaving behind your happiness
Leaving behind what was meant to be
You followed the wrong feeling, you took the wrong way

Thinking of me and the times we had
Thinking about how you were always glad
Feeling the pain in your life
Wishing you hadn't done what you did

But now its too late I've moved on
All my feelings are now gone
Now we understand each other and maybe someday
We will both feel the same and go a long way