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Moving On

by On Cupids Bad Side

There's a storm outside tonight
I wrap my blanket around me tight.
Sit back and watch the fire crack and pop
Wipe the tears away so they wont drop.
It's hard to keep the tears back, so my face is wet
I start to remember the first time we met.
Looking at your smiling face, little did I know
That you would break my heart, make me feel so low.
I was so in love, I did not see
How I was slipping, how you were playing me.
The words of love you said made my heart sing
I didn't know that you were telling her the same things.
The storm has stopped, the wind has died away
I sigh: I made it through another day.
It will be hard, but I know I will move on
And when you decide to come back around, I'll be long gone.