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One Minute Over Due (collab)

by e LIZ a beth

60 seconds till your kiss
Let the countdown begin
Lets run down these sidewalks
To the places we've been

50 seconds till your kiss
And I can still remember when
We promised one another
We would be the best of friends

40 seconds till your kiss
Where did our time go
Our childhood memories
And all we used to know

30 seconds till your kiss
These things are running through my mind
I'm not ready to let go
And leave these memories behind

20 seconds till your kiss
And I'm not ready to accept
That these memories are ending
And they're all that I have left

10 seconds till your kiss
And this truth is sinking in
It's time to choose a sidewalk
That doesn't lead to where weve been

Now you're leaning in to kiss her,
I'm one minute over due
Left with words unspoken
And the things I wish you knew...

*** collaboration with BECCA lessTHANthree