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Love isn't

by Kevin

I know that you have told me
But I still don't know why
How can you love someone
Who only makes you cry?

Love isn't crying your self to sleep
Love isn't believing his promises
That you know he wont keep
Love isn't wondering where he has been
When he'll be back
Or if he's lying again

And now you cant stop
Your spinning out of control
You call out to him
But you already know

He said that he'd call
He's out with his friends
Another night all alone
While you heart breaks again

Love isn't an empty stare as he walks away
Love isn't a half hearted smile
As his dark clouds ruin your day
Love isn't guessing the next time youll cry
What its about
Or if he will lie

Here is the answer
I promise its true
Love is looking at me
And simply knowing
My world revolves around you