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I Laugh At Him

by Goran Rahim

Did you see this crazy guy?
Who just walked by me.
He is in love with me,
He is crazy about me.

These days
He always carries a pen and a paper
He writes many poems for me.
The guy that you just saw,
Use to be full of life,
But he lost all the hopes
Since the moment I told him
"There is no we"

Don't ask who I am
I am an arrogant beauty.
I don't respect his feelings,
Yet he cannot live without me.
I don't care about his poems,
Yet he writes them all about me.

I laugh at his love,
I make fun of him,
For dedicating his life to me.
I laugh at him for fooling him,
I laugh at him,
Yet he writes
Another poem for me.