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All i love.

by BlueDreams

To those who love and care
I'm sorry I am no longer there
I'm sorry I caused you this pain
My love of one, has driven me insane

Knowing I am unworthy and have lost my fight
I must end it, on this winter's night
Tried to help, but I only confused
My own feelings I abused

I feel great pain and sorrow
Knowing there will be no tomorrow
With death, she does not feel or care
As long as she remembers, I was once there

I had dreams of her happiness
Her touch, feel and her caress
All is gone, all is lost
I must pay the final cost

If I cause pain and heartbreak
The responsibility for this I solemnly take
Not as emotionally strong as I thought
Actually very weak, and was caught

The deed is done, it's over for me
For you a bright future I see
Don't wander in distress
Go in pursuit of your happiness

I love you all, especially the one
The reason I don't feel or see the sun
Don't blame the one, not at all
It was my doing, my call.