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The Dream

by heather

There is no room to be afraid
not when it comes to this
there is so much room for error
it would be too easy to miss
the last thing she wants
is to have him by her side
listening to the doctor explain
her attempted suicide
he is all that matters to her
but she can't hold on anymore
she doesn't want to hurt him
there is nothing she would hate more
she wants to make it clear
that her pain is not his fault
and that if it weren't for him
she wouldn't have stayed so long
his heart lies somewhere else
and she had no place there
but she wants him to know
that she will always care
she raises the gun
parallel to her head
mumbling, "your wrong
it WONT matter once im dead"
she puts her finger to the trigger
when someone bursts through the door
and she is more surprised
than she's ever been before
she looks into his eyes
and has an urge to run
but he holds out his hand
and she drops the gun
she falls into his arms
and he holds her close
in that moment, all was forgotten,
and she's what mattered the most
he explained to her
that he really did care
and that if she ever needed him
he would ALWAYS be there
she understood now
that they would be better off as friends
because then she'd have him forever,
he'd be there until the end
finally it was over
and once the door was shut
she rolled over and blinked her eyes
happy to wake up