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Sweet Love's Deceit

by Karl Wild GG23

After all the dead ends and lessons learned,
Through all the heartache and memories burned,
Could you open your heart and risk love's deceit?
Or would you lick your wounds, accept defeat?

After all the tears you've cried, the broken pride,
Through all the times they've lied, the pain inside,
could you open your eyes, to your own surprise?
Or would you sever your ties, accept demise?

After all the sleepless nights, countless fights,
Through all the bitter sights, wrongs and rights,
Could you open your mind, never look behind?
Or would you stay confined, accept declined?

After all the dreadful name's, childish games,
Through all the picture frames, faded flames,
Could you open the door, to love once more?
Or would you recall before, accept to ignore?

After all the broken hearts, we'll one day find,
Through all our questions, true love is blind,
Though a million things could knock us off our feet,
Always remain discreet, for sweet, love's deceit.