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Hidden Affair

by Sierra Rae

You loved me once
then I broke your heart
I loved you again
but it was crazy from the start.

We starting talking and your friends told me
You were falling for me again
But you had a Girlfriend, it wasn't right
But i thought we could at least be friends.

I guess something about me was a little to out there,
or maybe you had loved me all along,
I couldn't help but to flirt with you
I tried but my heart's not very strong.

As you feel for me you pulled me down
I started loving you even more
pretty soon I couldn't hold back much longer
Even though i knew my heart would get torn

If it wasn't wrong to you
then it wouldn't be wrong to me
but how could I be so foolish to think
that there could ever be a "we"

I had never met or seen her
just heard she was pretty and nice
maybe if i had known how bad it would hurt her
then I would've stopped to think twice.

But i didn't so I didn't care about
the fact that it was so wrong
When you kissed me first I was so happy,
but happiness doesn't last long.

It went on for a few weeks
you must have had me in a trance
I loved and couldn't stop thinking of you
and if I did it was just by chance.

You would drive me home after school,
once I kissed you by my stop sign.
You were everything I'd ever wanted
my heart was no longer mine

Then things started getting shaky
as she heard rumors that you were lying
I wanted her to be gone and you be with me,
Without you I knew I'd be dying.

So we laid low for a week or two,
and you stopped taking me home,
I really thought things would get better
but instead I was about to be alone.

You were such a guy and I was a little girl
you had fun with this hidden affair
people say you were just trying to hurt me back
by dropping me and leaving me in despair

I didn't think that sounded like you
because your a much better guy
It's just that Rachael means a lot to you
so you told me this had to be goodbye.

I understand that she is important
but why'd it have to be this way
I hold back my tears hoping you'll come back
on a bright and shiny day.

Can't we at least be friends
Just act like we don't like each other
I need to be able to talk to you
you've always been at least like a brother.

Just know...

I'll be waiting for you forever
and this is 100% true
You'll always be in my dreams at night
and I'll always be in love with you!