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All about my love.

by BlueDreams

I don't care about the noise and commotion
I just want to show my love and devotion
So what if I draw a crowd
I am going to yell it out loud.

No matter how strange it sounds
My love for you has no bounds
It is you I want to love and support
You will never be sold short.

I will always be there to hug and hold
Even when you grow old
When you are old and gray, I will be there
Still pushing the wooden rocking chair.

I will get everything you desire
In winter I will light you a fire
When it is too hot for beast or man
Don't worry I will turn up the fan.

If I follow the directions from a book
I will even become a better cook
I hope now you have a good notion
All about my love, and devotion.

Dear.....I meant it every word i said....