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Destination, Heartbreak

by Jenni Marie

Used to make me so euphoric
My stomach did somersaults for days
Heart bouncing around in untold joy
Simply because you looked my way

These eyes would sparkle with warmth
Knowing that you were here to care
Visualizing your smirk like smile I loved
Running my fingers through your hair

This heart was once whole, so complete
Now pieces are scattered among the floor
Tears roll freely from these swollen eyes
Ever since you just walked out that door

Sitting silently, sometimes hours at a time
Nothing to do except stare into space
Promised to cherish me always and forever
So tell me why you left in such great haste

Thought that we would last forever
What a fool I must have seemed
Trying to move on, away from you
But every night you haunt my dreams

Images flashing quickly through my mind
Why didn't I proceed with hesitation?
For it seems I fell so hard and fast for you
No idea heartbreak was my destination.