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Final Goodbye

by Goran Rahim

For the first time I was worried about life,
When my doctor told me soon I will die.
Tears fell down my cheeks,
As I know the doctor would not lie.

I am not worried for leaving this life,
I am worried as I couldn't prove my love to you.
My age is at its last moments, yet
I didn't hear a nice word from you.

This time doctors have no hope,
There is no cure for this pain.
The only smile that kept me alive,
Now turned out to be vain.

So now I am a guest of few days,
Yet I will not ask you to be nice.
But don't let me down in my last moments,
Please for the first time be wise.

Consider this note as my final goodbye,
As you wouldn't see me again ever.
Yet I am dying with your love in my heart
The same guy you hated forever.