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Remain miles apart.

by BlueDreams

Life is getting very bleak
I don't think I will find the love I seek
The future is seemingly black
and I know there is no going back.

The chances for success
are becoming less and less
I have poured out my soul and heart
we still remain miles apart.

I have exposed the real me
for very few to see
They will not forget
I will probably regret.

All I have to offer is me
not enough I see
My love, heart, help and desire
not enough to light anyone's fire

Feeling less amused,
but totally confused
I have lost, so I must let her be
there is nothing else to do, I see.

But my love for her is so deep
it even robs me of sleep
I am in so much emotional pain
maybe a blade deep into a vein.

No, its the way out of the cheat
its not me, its not neat
To myself I must confess,
not leave others to clean up the mess.

In the world you can only help a few
I only wanted to give her a life that was true
There is a lot more to her than meets the eye
but she is caged and not allowed to fly.

Her potential has no bounds
she needs to hear the right sounds
Now I see, they are not destined to come from me
I've tried my best, can't keep up with the rest.

My love she will deny
so I may just curl up and die
I will push no more, just close the door
Hide in obscurity, never again seek purity

My last wish from this mess,
is that she find love and total success
I should have known, as a mere male
I was destined to fail.

I know that seclusion is a must
I must admit it is her I still love and trust
Like a sister or best friend,
I had hoped it would be until the end

Wrong again, I must have been insane
Time to let her go, never to let my inner self show
Its too much of an emotional drain, impossible pain
Never, never, never again.

Time to allow myself to grow old
forever staying alone and cold
I've said my piece, I'll say no more
I'll just curl up here and die on the floor.