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Don't let me fall (lyrics)

by ECILA ice

I've never been treated the way you do
Making me feel so special
Like a princess reigning somewhere
And I never felt this way before

But I know where to put myself
So don't dare with this feeling
It's too weak you know
It's slowly loosing its temptation.
I think I'm falling...

But don't wanna fall
Don't wanna fall
Please don't let me fall for you

I'm trying to hold on
Pretending to be strong
Controlling my feelings for you

Thanks to you,
For your endless patience and care
From the day you came into my world
My life have became better

I know where I should belong
But don't blame me if something went wrong
I never intended to feel this way
It's not my plan (not on my plan)
But I think I'm falling...
(repeat chorus)

Maybe I yearn for these sweet things
And it's nice that you were there
But I know yes I know
That I'm just your friend
So please don't let me fall