Read Love Poems


by hehasmyheart


You said you would always be there.
You told me that you loved me.
I always stood by you.
It was your heart I wanted to see.

I trusted you. I loved you,
But you tore my heart apart.
I told you I would be there for you,
But you lied to me from the start.

I can't believe you said, "I love you,"
Then you broke my heart in two.
But it's all over now.
Baby, I'm through with you.

My heart can't take the pain anymore.
You left me to die, crushed my heart,
And you through it out the door.

I always stood By you.
You always stood by my side.
You cheated on me
And you made it worse when you lied.

Your kisses meant nothing.
I loved you so much.
All I wanted was to hold you forever.
I wanted to feel your touch.

But the relationship is over.
It's all in the past.
I wish you didn't end it.
I wanted it to last.

But, Baby, it's over now.
I'm glad you didn't stay.
I don't love you anymore,
'Cause it was me you betrayed.