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A Game You Played

by hehasmyheart

You might think I'm stupid;
You broke my heart in two.
But no matter how much you lie to me,
Our friendship is over--it's through.

Although you said goodbye,
I'm still upset-- I'm still mad.
I'm mad because I trusted you,
But it's over-- and I'm glad.

I hope you're happy now that I'm gone.
Don't come begging me back--because I've moved on.
Don't come back. Don't say you need me.
Just leave me alone. Just let me be.

One day, you will be sorry
For what you have done,
Breaking my heart--for number one.

I gave you all my love-- and my heart,
But you took my love for granted-- and tore me apart.
I should have known this-- from the start.

I can't believe you-- I trusted you.
I cared for you-- I loved you.
And, in the end you lied.
You left me broken hearted--and the feelings you denied.

When we were together,
You made me feel so great.
You were my first love;
You were my destiny, my fate.

All those times you held me,
All those times you said you liked me,
All those things you said were lies.
You hurt my heart-- and now my heart cries.

Even though you broke my heart,
I still wish you would have stayed,
But it's all my fault you left me,
Because I fell for the game you played.