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Whiskers in My Night

by Tom Swart

Your almost weightless pounce stirs my sleep.
I feel your nudge against my face
And your ear upon my cheek.

From my slumber these hands reach for you
They long to touch and hold you
And pinch that playful tail.

Our moments in the sun come back to me
When we played and just laid around
Fully Happy and content

The brush of whiskers on my brow,
your kneading paws on my chest
Make me smile again.

Your memory fills in the cracks that time has left,
They bond and strengthen my ties to you,
And I am never alone

The echo of your purring engine fills my dreams ,
Those gentle vibrations of love,
With never a string attached.

Thank you for visiting my darkness where you awoke my smile
And helped me turn the pages of our life.
Pages where your paw prints still appear.