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Never Again

by hayley williams

The girl looks so sad
down her face falls fresh tears
crying because of you
for all of those wasted years.

She came back so many times
put her whole heart into loving you
thinking things will be different
that you would never again be untrue

Always trusting what you told her
she was the "one" you said
so why did you hurt her so bad
make her wish that you were dead

The bruises on her body
have nearly all faded away
some of the brutal attacks
left marks that will forever stay

A harsh reminder of her past
of all the pain you put her through
the happier days wiped out
by the times you beat her black and blue

The emotional scars she still carries
always tearing at her soul
you never treated her like a woman
she was permanently under your control

Its been six months since she left
but the suffering is remembered well
shes so much stronger now
hard to see she was ever under your spell

You realise how wrong you were
you feel dead without her there
knowing you lost the girl of your dreams
that you should of showed her you care

You ask her yet again to come back
promise it wont be anything like before
but Ive got big news for you
i don't want to be your girl anymore