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Her old picture and letters

by Boy

I was trying to search few things
in my book case, Beside old books
I have seen some old treasure
Covering with dust.

Those old pages covering with dust,
I sweep the dust on them,
Those were old letters of her,
And one of her, picture

After seven years ,
her old picture is in my hand
time stayed for one second
and a drop fall into that picture
maybe that was my tear

I started read her first letter
those days spend in her arm
and I made true my dream to
see her my wife, but she gone
in heavens forever

her face captured my eyes,
old memories recalled their golden time
for one second, I found her in front of me,
her hand, touched my heart

and suddenly someone knocked the door
and break my attention towards her letters

I guess she is my beloved daughter
And would feel happy to see
Her mum old picture and some letters