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Song of love

by the come back

Every song you sing,
every voice I heard
and for every melody that comes on your mouth
my heart beats faster,insane of you

From the first time I saw you
I think I'm in love with you
Maybe it weird but it's true
I totally love you

When the time you sing
and the silence begin,
you touch my heart
and begin to sing

You sing a song
Making my heart bring,
to everlasting happiness
when you start to sing

I love you secretly,
making my heart breaks so deeply
I love you truly,
making my mind so weary

I want to hold your hands,
but my hands are too weak
I want to say I love you,
but my mouth does'nt speak

Your voice stuck on my mind
the softness and the sweetness
all of that comes from you
making my heart so in love with you

The glimpse on your eye,
that I miss everyday i live
and the voice that sings,
that I want to hear every hour, every minute

Please love me too
that my wish to you
I know it's hard
but can you try to make it true?

I'm happy when I hear you,
I'm so lucky that I see you
but one thing makes me happier,
that you and I will be lover's forever.