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True Love

by Saved By Grace

I love you so much
It's hard to explain.
The way that I feel
Brings me no pain.
I can't believe I found you
I thought I'd never find
Somebody who could fill that hole
Left by him, who is so blind.
You make me so content
Everytime I hear your voice.
No, just the thought of you
Makes me want to rejoice.
You're my best friend in the world
We've always been so close.
The first time that I heard your voice
I knew it'd be you that I'd love the most.
We both have loved and lost before.
And with our pasts we've closed the door.
A future is held
With you and I.
Without you here
I just may die.
Don't leave me alone
I confide in you.
Because I honestly know
that this love is true.