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The Love I Feel

by ~*ErYkUh*~

Love is finally in my heart...
and the feeling feels so strong,
but something here is missing...
something here is wrong.
My heart sings the song of love,
and my body desires him so much...
but I cant feel his presence...
or the feeling of his touch.
He is my shining star...
he is the one I love,
the one I care about...
and always seem to be thinking of.
Never thought the day would come
to feel this on my own...
for I never thought of it this way,
never thought I'd love alone.
These tears I cannot hold
for I cry day and night,
because hes not here with me
he is nowhere in my sight.
He seems to love somebody else,
while I sit here in dismay...
because my heart belongs to him,
but I was already too late.