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Im far from fine

by Finalgravedigger

I'm far from fine

Whats wrong with me
Am I in deep sleep?
I must be with this angel in front of me.

And now look at me
with feet off solid ground
I must weigh less than a pound.

I look at you
Im paralyzed too
Ive gone insane
loving this pain.

You walk
then you talk
your voice brings my spirit up.

So weak
just cant think
lost in thoughts
I say so what.

You touch my face
I can feel all your grace
my heart starts to race.

Your lips reach for mine
I'm far from fine
I'm out of my mind.

Your kiss
brings so much bliss
melts me down
but theres no frown.

Im broken
but I dont wanna be fixed
all I wanna do
is be with you.