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My World is Complete!!

by xXxLittleAngelxXx

You've got this thing going on,
it feels so great.. Please go on!!
'Cause since I've known You,
My Life has changed..
There's nothing I can't arrange!!
I know that You Live far away,
still I think I can say:

Chorus: My World is complete,
what more do I need?!
And Life could be fine,
just say You'd be Mine..
'Till the end of time,
You and I!!

You are more than just a friend,
I just Hope this thing doesn't end..
I want You badly,
in My open arms..
So come, I'll show You My charms!!
But is this Love or just a play??
I think that I can say:

Repeat chorus..

Now one o'clock,
still writing this song..
For the One I Love
and wanna stay with long!!
Thanks for the Happiness You bring,
that's why now I can sing:

Repeat chorus..

My World is Complete,
what more do I need??
If I could have You,
My dreams would come true!!
I won't say goodbye,
to You and I!!