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Telephone Time

by Michelle

Whether lying on the bathroom floor
Or sitting in my favorite chair
I hear your sweet voice along the wire
and can just imagine you right there.
The way you say 'Meshelle'
Sends my heart all a' flutter
And when you say 'I love you baby'
It makes my whole body shudder.
You bring me to hysterics
When you try to copy my voice
And each time I hear that deep s@xy chuckle
It makes my soul rejoice.
I try and try and try again!
To say 'Craig Connell' for you...
But it always comes out 'Creg Caaanell'
And another laugh will ensue...!
I never knew that just a voice
Could turn me on so much
But then you whisper softly in my ear
And my body craves your touch...
Your mum drops in for just a moment
To say 'Hi Michelle' and 'BeaTles' for me...
Just another thing to add to the list
I cawnt' say properly!! ;)
I love the many hours we've spent
'Rabbiting' the time away (don't they FLY past??)
The only thing I regret is not seeing you then
And so I'm longing for the day...
When I will be able to look into your eyes
As I hear your lips speak my name
And when that time finally arrives
Neither one of us will ever be the same.
Don't hang up just yet sweetheart...
I want to tell you again how much I care
And although my body isn't with you
My mind and heart are right there.