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Lightening Bolts Of Love (Collab With Kerry)

by Jenni Marie

Moonbeams light the dark night sky,
As we lay wrapped together in the sand,
Now pitch black ocean lapping gently,
As we lay serenely hand in hand

You rest your head gently on my chest,
We gaze at the stars and heavens above,
Zeus firing little lightening bolts,
As we begin to show our tender love

Hearing the water ripple so softly,
Smell of nature in the cool night air,
Lust overtakes us, lips locking tight,
Our fairytale love existing everywhere

My soft touch, sets your skin on fire,
The moonlight dances across your face,
Pulling you closer to feel your warmth,
Totally lost within your embrace

Our hearts beating in complete unison,
As I look deep into your sparkling eyes,
Knowing ephemeral we will not be,
For this breathtaking love will never die

We've both found what we're looking for,
This fairytale we've built together,
We will last until the eternities,
Showing this fairytale love forever