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Gambling love

by Finalgravedigger

You cheat me twice
rolling those dice
gambling on chance
simply playing romance.

Deal the cards
of my hearts shards
toy with me
to get what you see.

Treasures and gold
are the things you wish to behold
Stabbing my heart
is only the start.

Playing the slots
Lucky 777 was what you got
riches pour
and my heart grows so sore.

Your close to the grand prize
as I die
gambling it all
my heart is about to fall.

I mourn
from being torn
love becoming dust
as Im ripped apart.

You lost your riches
and I have to get stiches
all for your cheating wants
and I pay the price.

I work to heal my heart
but you dont care the cost
grabbing another guys fate
only to leave them with hate.