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To Him

by i love you

Sitting on a bus,
cuddling close,
holding hands,
I never want to let go.

Everything you say and do,
makes me want you more,
but I think you already have a girl,
so trying, what would it me for?

You rub my back,
and kiss my cheek,
you tell me I'm beautiful,
and make my body go weak.

You gave me your jacket,
so I wouldn't be cold,
You do and say the sweetest things,
that I've always wanted to be told.

You're everything I ever wanted,
you're who I was looking for,
you're everything I need,
everything to me and more.

I'm sure you know I want you,
I'm sure you see the feelings there,
everything you have done,
makes me think you really care.

I know I'm not gonna let go,
'Cause you could be the one,
I'm never gonna stop loving you,
'Cause of all the things you've done.

The way you act around me,
makes it seem you want me too,
but if I don't have a chance,
I don't know what I'll do.

I may go crazy,
back to the old me,
back to slitting wrists,
back to something no one could see.

Looking in each others eyes,
knowing there's something there,
if you don't ever see it,
I'll know you didn't care.

So if you want me,
you need to let me know,
so I could be with you,
and tell the other guys no.