Read Love Poems


by Choose xX Alex Xx Life

Oblivious; ignorance surrounded by beauty,
No emotion not a heartbeat its gone.
Far to deep in fantasy to face reality,
Given up on fighting for what she wants.

Pale face is dead; body not allowing tears,
Traumatized constantly by unexpected actions.
Drowning in her own blood. Choking on nothing but air.
From emotions no reactions.

Up and down like a yo yo, on and of like a bulb of light,
Brightness then darkness no time to take it in,
Boiled to a point anger has vanished,
Blood steam cold, body frail and thin.

Invisible, unimportant lost in another realm,
Shes dead, a ghost girl powerless under his spell.
Love has killed her and hes now a monster
Picking her weaknesses, laughing as she fell.

Twisted in a vortex of painful love,
Cant escape to late, shes down
Caught in the web of the spider,
This frail fly has had its time.